Our environment

What to do around the house?

1- Taste Lake

If you take the path behind the house for 100 meters, you will find the Taste lake on the left: it is a fishing lake, around which you can take a nice path. There is even a fitness trail nearby.
The bathing of the humans is prohibited it is not supervised. Dogs…and ponies are allowed to swim and they seem to like it a lot!

For fishing, you need a card: all the details on the site Carte de pêche : 

2- Observing the sky

Captieux, classified as a starry town since 2015, is distinguished by its very low light pollution; in fact, you can see the stars very well when the sky is clear.  It’s a real pleasure to let yourself be invaded by the night, its myriads of stars, its sounds. The natural park of Landes de Gascogne to which we belong is working on a project to reduce light pollution. Click on the button below to learn more:

3- Walks

The Landes de Gascogne forest around the house extends to the sea and offers countless paths for walking on the sand, between ferns and pines.

To find paths, here are some links: 

4- The village of Captieux

From the entrance of the health course, the access to the village is possible in 25mn by foot or in 5 minutes by bike.
The village offers all the necessary shops: two bakeries, a bar-tobacco-press, a pharmacy, two supermarkets, two cash dispensers, a post office and THE pastry shop that sells the famous “puits d’amour”!

Phone : +33 7 66 29 73 27
Address : Le GAILLE, 33840 CAPTIEUX
Email : contact@legitedugaille.com